Hey! I'm Alicia, a software engineer based in London, UK.

I first got into computers in the early days of the internet, while at school. I was immediately curious to learn more about them, and to figure out how they worked- this very quickly lead to developing simple games and applications.

I still have the same passion and enthusiasm for coding now, fueled by the ever growing potential of computing in the future. I'm always keen to test out the latest new languages and technologies, and have a genuine love for learning new skills, and finding better, more efficient ways of doing things.

I appreciate the importance of writing well-tested, clean and efficient code, in-order to develop a high quality final solution.


D3.js  Node.js  JavaScript  unit testing  Java  CSS3  CoffeeScript  npm  Ionic  HTML5  React.js  Android  Angular.js  git  PHP  Tomcat  Jenkins  Maven  Hibernate  JUnit  Ubuntu  Apache  Linux  NGINX  Swift  iOS  UX  Project-Management  Agile  



Software Engineer at University of Oxford

Using Java to write a module for WWARN as part of a small agile team. Involved mass amounts of data, millions of patient and vaccination records, so algorithms had to be efficient. Also gained experience using Tomcat, Jenkins, SQL and XML, Maven, JUnit, Hibernate

Internship at Accenture UK

Was lucky enough to get a place on Accenture UK software engineering internship scheme, where I was extended for 15 months. Received comprehensive Java and testing training, and then worked across several large government departments, before moving to a smaller agile team developing innovative prototype apps on 4 - 6 week cycles.

Web Admin at UTC Swindon

Managed a WordPress based site for a the University Technical College, Swindon This included consulting with senior members of the University College and then independently developing the features they desired

President of University Computing Society

Organised technical and social events for students interested in computing. This started as a very small society, and by the end of the year had several hundred members with many regular events and a descent budget.

Teaching Computer Science

While at University I volunteered in secondary schools, running after school programming clubs, for 11- 16 year-olds. After this I worked towards the Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme where I was given the opportunity to shadow, assist and learn from computing teachers, and in the end take some full lessons. I do 1-to-1 tutoring for A Level pupils, and have helped those struggling with computing and programming achieve good grades. I developed a number of online coding resources for beginners, thar are available free here.

Freelance Web and App Development

Over the past couple of years I have developed a number of websites and mobile applications for small businesses and individuals. This has been a good chance to work across many industries, and to put into practice the skills I learn in my own time.


I am a big fan of weekend hackathons (these are typically 36/ 24 hour coding competitions, with the chance to try out new tech). I really enjoy the challenge of creating something new and innovative to solve a problem, and it's a great opportunity to learn more and work with interesting people. I have won a few prizes recently as well: